• EIA Screening and Scoping

  • EIA Coordination

  • Environmental Statements

  • Sustainability and Climate Change Assessments

  • Specialist Consultant Appointment Advice

  • EIA Audits

Scheme design by BUJ Architects

We use EIA as an opportunity to support and justify sustainable development proposals. Our EIA team experience has been developed through our involvement with high profile sites across the UK. As part of these projects, we have learned to navigate the many complexities of the regulatory framework.

Scheme design by 21st Architecture

We provide strategic advice from the initial scoping and design stages to the preparation of technical Environmental Statements, as part of the planning application programme. Metropolis and our EIA partners are leaders in this field and we offer our clients unmatched expertise and value.

Scheme design by BUJ Architects

We work closely with our planning and architectural colleagues to ensure delivery of excellent planning, design and sustainable development objectives. In addition to providing direct advice across our disciplines, we ensure that our clients and project teams are kept informed of the ever-changing policy framework at local, regional and national levels.

Scheme design by BUJ Architects